A New List (2014): The top 10 Business Schools in the US (made by USA Today)

Most people consider West Point an Ivy League equivalent with its top notch engineering-based education. But the leaders that are being generated from the school for the Army have the same qualities that make good corporate employees, CEOs, and even Entrepreneurs in 2014. At West Point the Cadets are taught to make a difference in the world even past their Army committment, and they have proven that they have kept that promise over and over again. From companies like Mercedes-Benz, Johnson & Johnson, EMCOR and the Thayer Leader Development Group, businesses with West Point graduates at the helm have been growing strong. This has proven that the skills learned at the Academy (and in the Army) can and do translate directly to the business world. Even the way good companies like these make decisions, use resources, and plan for the future are based in the Military Decision Making Process (MDMP) which many great businesses have been using for years under different names. It’s about time that the teachings at West Point of value-based leadership have finally been recognized as pertinent to the business world.

To see the full article: Click Here

Or cut and paste this link into your browser: http://college.usatoday.com/2014/07/02/top-10-business-schools-in-the-united-states/


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