Change is Always Hard! But worth it!

I know that everything from eating right and exercising to challenging your company’s old methods at work is hard work! Doing things in a routine are so much easier than fighting for change. You have to ask yourself two questions though:

1. How did I get to be in this routine to begin with?

2. Is this routine getting me where I need to go?

The first question, if you look into the origins, is often a simple question of “what was the easiest thing to do at the time”…or “what was the necessary work around at the time”… when you started out. So if you are eating late at night for instance and not finding time to work out, then perhaps your situation has changed, but you are still following the same routines for no reason? Or perhaps it is time for a life change? The same applies at work. If you are still filling out paper forms and sending them through a series of signatures for simple decisions, then maybe technology can help you get e-signatures or e-forms to make the process more streamlined?

The second question is harder to answer because it takes some introspection and analysis. You have to figure out your goals, priorities, and end state before you can determine the best path to get there. Like reading a map, you must know where you are and know where you want to go before you begin your journey. However, once you do that, you can determine if change is necessary or preferred (like going to a web based platform for collaboration to multiple satellite offices, for instance). It may just be a cost savings, or convenience change. The greatest reason to change is that it is a fundamental necessity to obtain your desired end state – then you will have a definite reason to pursue and implement the change.


Take this article for example from Rod Sullivan: Click Here.

Or cut and paste this link:



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