A great place to start…your Passion

Many people have worked with me over the years on their businesses and building their ideas into businesses, and I have found one thing to be the most important to all of their success (or failure) – it’s Passion. 

Passion has to be infused in the endeavor from the beginning to end. It cannot be just about a great idea – or niche – that needs filling. It has to be about a passion for doing the work that is required each day all along the way. It’s like working out. If you love to put your body through its paces and it makes you feel alive to feel sore each day – then you will work out every day without fail, and you will likely have an incredible physique. The same applies to your business. 

If you enjoy the work you do, then you will be happy to get up each day to do it. You will plan your life around being able to accomplish the tasks that are important to the business. You will turn down opportunities and deals that do not pertain to your life’s work. You will become enamored with the results you get each day, week, month, and year. You will pay absolute attention to the accomplishment of your tasks with regard to your passion.

I recently have been reading a book called “The Passion Test” by Janet and Chris Attwood, and they have a very similar view. In fact, their test is a great way to get to the root of your passion very quickly.

You can purchase their book at The Passion Test website – click here.


Good Luck finding your passion!





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