A friend of mine on Linked In showed me this product – by the way he’s a great crowdfunder as well. His name is Eli Regalado at the Mad Hatter Agency (.com) –  and it seems to make a lot of sense… take a peek:

Being as we’re connected on Linkedin I’m going to shamelessly ask for your help.  As you may know I’ve helped people crowdfund their ideas to the tune of $400k in 2013 alone. Now I’m launching my own project…

Jumper Card- Jumper cables for your phone. It’s a credit card sized backup battery for your cell phone. So slim it can be carried in wallet or pocket and keeps you from those uncomfortable situations of having a dead battery and no charger or nearby outlet.

It would mean the world to me if you could back my campaign and get a Jumper Card for yourself or a friend.

However, the most important thing I’d ask is that you share this link or click below to tweet. Shares and exposure are EVERYTHING to these campaigns and a simple share is all I ask.

Thanks is advance for your help!

Click this link to Tweet our campaign: http://ctt.ec/gD59c

Click this link to see the Jumper Card:  http://www.igg.me/at/jumpercard


Eli Regalado



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